The Chicago Cubs won the World Series for the first time in something like 108,000 years and, naturally, this raises only one question: How is Cubs super-fan Bill Murray?

Well, he’s pretty freakin’ great, that’s how he is. He sang “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” earlier in the Series. He gave a random fan a ticket to sit with him at Game 6.

And, when the Cubs finally wrapped things up shortly before 1 a.m. EDT, he was living extra-extra large.

The moment the game (and the Cubs’ victory) went into the history books was rather subdued.

Then, with Champagne flying and possibly landing in his mouth, he worked the locker room like a boss journalist-fan. Sorry, Bryce Harper, but this guy put the fun back in baseball.

Things got really real when he interviewed Theo Epstein.

Then he got reflective: “A huge weight has been lifted. … The great thing about it is, we became such great losers. Good sports. Good losers. I just hope we’re good winners. I hope we’re good winners. I hope we’re just as good sports as winners as we were as when we didn’t win,” before taking a massive swig of Champagne and asking the reporter, “Do you recycle? Recycle that for me, will ya?”

Murray is such a big deal for the Cubs that Anthony Rizzo stopped a locker room interview to acknowledge him. “You’re the inspiration,” Rizzo shouted as he moved in for a hug (via Yahoo). They went on to have an inside conversation, possibly about how Murray had handed Rizzo a 5-Hour Energy drink before Game 4 and, when Rizzo got two hits and drove in a run, a superstition was born.

“Every game since,” Rizzo said. “I swear to God.”

Murray, because he’s Murray, demurred. “I don’t want a ring,” Murray said with a chuckle. “I don’t want a ring. I don’t want a ring.”

He wants a ring.

Anyway, it was a late night for Bill but he’s possibly still going.

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