High school and college athletes everywhere are performing the “mannequin challenge” on fields and in locker rooms. Leave it to the professionals to stage motionless tableaus on their team flights.

Call it a baller move — without the movement.

Sunday saw several pro squads post “mannequin challenge” videos, and most were set several thousand feet in the air. For instance, here are the Cowboys, along with a few cooperative media members, heading back to Dallas after a 35-10 win at Cleveland.

Was that Tony Romo being stuffed in the overhead compartment? In any event, Jerry Jones was not about to miss out on the fun. He and other members of the Cowboys’ front office created their own “mannequin” moment on their private jet.

The Bills didn’t even wait to play their Monday night game against the Seahawks to answer the challenge. They posted video from their flight to Seattle.

It wasn’t just NFL teams taking flight with the challenge. The NBA’s Bucks also got their midair mannequin on, and they gave viewers an entertaining look at a card game. Was rookie Thon Maker counting all the money he had just won? And is Michael Beasley wearing nail polish? Milwaukee gets points deducted, though, for shooting the video vertically. Tisk, tisk.

The Giants on the other hand, went with what can already be described as the old-fashioned route, making like mannequins in their locker room following a 28-23 home win over the Eagles. The Steelers beat all their league-mates to the punch by answering the challenge Friday.


Of course, you can trust NASCAR to keep the action, or complete lack thereof, in its garages. Sunday’s rain delay before the AAA Texas 500 provided the perfect opportunity for several teams to answer the challenge.


How long will this trend last? Only time will tell, but I’ll go with somewhere between the life spans of the Ice Bucket and Running Man challenges. It’s been pretty entertaining so far, though, especially with pro athletes getting aboard.