Okay, so what are the kids doing these days? It turns out, a whole lot of nothing. Literally, like, trying very hard not to move a muscle.

This newfound interest to motionlessness is all part of the “mannequin challenge” that has taken off in the past week or so. Groups of young people are freezing in place long enough for a fun video to be taken of them (and, of course, go viral). So who was accepting the challenge on Saturday? A bunch of college football teams.

Hey, what better way to revel in a 62-22 trouncing of No. 17 Baylor, right? But the Horned Frogs were hardly the only high-profile squad that day to take part in the challenge. Here are Penn State and Clemson players, vying to prove that, collectively, they can be the better man(nequins).


The track playing with these scenes is “Black Beatles,” by Rae Sremmurd (and, at this point, if you don’t want to hear this song over and over but do want to check out the ensuing videos, you’ll want to turn the sound off on your device). The hip-hop act recently did its own version of the mannequin challenge while on tour.


According to Mashable, the first #Mannequinchallenge was thrown down by a group of high school students, and already there are countless versions by other teens. Sticking with football teams (above the high school level), we also had fine examples recently by Navy, Michigan, Old Dominion and the Steelers. Even an SEC Network panel, including Tim Tebow and Paul Finebaum, at the site of Florida-Arkansas game saw fit to bring everything to a halt.


The Wisconsin basketball team got in on the fun, as did a pair of junior hockey squads (with, of course, the requisite freeze frames of several scraps).

Cheerleading squads are responding to the challenge in particularly impressive ways, given the acrobatic poses they try to hold. One group of cheerleaders went in a decidedly more macabre direction, though, staging the scene of a car accident.





Oh, those crazy kids. Expect a few more mannequin challenges to be met Sunday, when NFL teams get to celebrate wins.