The NFL has finally found a solution to its nagging viewership problem, and it involves letting a squirrel loose on the field to the delight of everyone who has eyes.

America’s newest sporting hero caused a bit of a stir in the third quarter of Sunday’s Packers-Colts game at Lambeau Field. Referee Tony Corrente was forced to stop play briefly as the little guy got open in the end zone with Green Bay driving. Chased around by some guy with a big net, the squirrel squeezed through a crack at the base of a wall and was never heard from again. But he left a mark.

“We have to respond better, like we did to close out the game, [and] get the crowd involved more than just the squirrel on the field,” Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers told reporters after his team’s 31-26 loss.

This is a very good photo of the squirrel. It’s like he or she is looking straight into your soul.

Some Packers apparently tried to befriend the squirrel on the sideline, for obvious reasons.

Perhaps the Packers will rally behind the squirrel, just as the St. Louis Cardinals did in Game 4 of the 2011 NLDS.