If you thought that this election, notable for its acrimony, could conclude without another controversial Curt Schilling tweet, you were badly mistaken.

The former Boston Red Sox pitcher, known since his athletic career for right-wing stances that led to his firing by ESPN and his hiring by Breitbart, shared an unidentified person’s photo of a man at a Donald Trump rally wearing a shirt that read, “Rope. Tree. Journalist. Some Assembly Required” on Twitter, adding “Ok, so much awesome here . . .”

Schilling, who is considering whether to run for the Massachusetts Senate seat held by Elizabeth Warren in a few years, deleted the tweet after a few hours, but not before he tried to face down Internet backlash by saying it was sarcasm, among other things.

Perhaps former major league pitcher Dan Haren had the best burn, going straight to Schilling’s signature athletic moment, the bloody sock of American League Championship Series fame.

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