Getting more than 100 college students to do anything at the same time can be a challenge, especially when it comes to elections. Some of the students ideally would like to vote in their home towns, so there are absentee ballots to procure, while others might be stymied by local voting laws that regard college students as temporary residents.

But where others might see a problem, Coastal Carolina football Coach Joe Moglia saw possibility: He and his assistant coaches helped all the players who wanted to vote locally at the Conway, S.C., school register and get their voter ID cards, and on Election Day the whole team will pile into a bus for a trip to the local polling station.

“Every one of our guys is going to vote Tuesday, and that’s something I’m incredibly proud of,” Moglia told the Myrtle Beach Sun News. “The service academies do that. There’s not going to be one other university football team in the nation that’s going to do that, and you know every one of them probably should do that.”

Even the players who already have voted will be tagging along.

“Even though some players have voted early, they will go to the polls Tuesday just to support their teammates,” Moglia said. “The right to vote is one of the cornerstones of this great democracy and is a privilege no one should take for granted.”