J.R. Smith, the Cleveland Cavaliers guard, openly wondered Wednesday morning about the message that his little girl would draw from the 2016 presidential election. The reactions were swift, and often foul.

Smith, who had campaigned for Hillary Clinton in Ohio along with teammate LeBron James, shared a photo of one of his two daughters at the White House and, much like CNN’s Van Jones, who said he and others were concerned with, “How do I explain this to my children?” Smith poured his heart out after Donald Trump’s victory.

“How do you explain to this face what happen? You can be a educated women in your field an[d] not get the job because your a women or cause your black?” he wrote. “How do you say ‘go try your best’ even though it won’t be good enough. How do I even feel confident sending her on play dates knowing the kids family voted for the racist, sexist person an I don’t know how they will treat her when she’s gone. How? Seriously How? I understand let go and let God! But damn!”

His post had drawn more than 27,000 likes and 1,200-plus comments in two hours. Smith was called a racist, a “dumb [expletive]” and an “uneducated bigot,” among other things.

“Funny how everyone calling him racist and ignorant,” one user wrote. “But yet the only ignorance I’m seeing is from everyone against Trump. HILARY HAD 30 YEARS TO PROVE HERSELF!! AND YET HAS NOTHING ACCOMPLISHED… OTHER THAN THE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS SHES MADE OFF POLITICS!!..#WhoAreTheBlindOnes#DemocraticIgnorance”

A sampling of the others:

“JR you know nothing about politics so why don’t you keep your [expletive]mouth shut and go dribble your basketball for millions of dollars, far away from the struggles of the inner cities.”
“J.R., shut the [expletive] up, shes not getting treated any less bc of this. Stick to chucking up 3s and collecting your checks.”
“Worry about improving your game and leave politics to the others. Your not such a stand up citizen yourself homie so relax.”
“STFU. she ain’t gonna need a job because you have so much damn money you should just pay her yourself. Stop complaining.”
“Shut up. Sick of you players speaking politically. You know nothing of politics. Your basketball players that’s it & get paid millions. I almost wish hillary got elected so she could do NOTHING for blacks in the inner cities just like every single democratic president we’ve ever had including our first black president Obama.”

Some comments, like these, merely extended the conversation.

“You said EXACTLY what I’m thinking. I have 2 girls (7 and 10). It’s rough. Plus they studied the election at school and we’re excited about Hillary. Even voted for her in the school’s mock election. American white men didn’t want a woman, especially after taking direction from a black man for 8yrs.”
“I mean sure he earns millions but imagine how he feels playing for so called ‘fans’ that probably voted for trump and only like him when he does good but as soon as he does bad in a game everyone hates him. Put yourself in his shoes. Doesn’t matter if he’s a basketball player or not He can say what he wants and I support him.”

There were, though, some positive responses:

“Tell that sweet girl that she can still be our first female president!”
“Tell her to reach for the sky’s and be your own boss.”
“Tell her she can be whatever she can be whatever she wants to be, qualifications no longer matter to get the job/career you want. Precedents have been set, and it’s up to us a people to use them to OUR advantage. We need to unify and then conquer.”
“A lot of you people are so ignorant it’s ridiculous. any father in their right mind would be having the same concerns for their daughters best interest. Real men real fathers real leaders and male role models feel this way.”

The NBA champion Cleveland Cavaliers are scheduled to visit President Barack Obama at the White House on Thursday.