Armed with a cookie and a dream, Simon Berry set a new Guinness World Record on Wednesday when he bungee jumped just over 240 feet toward a steaming mug of tea. When the stretchy cord reached its limit, Berry dunked the cookie in the tea and made history.

The 24-year-old Brit, who made the dunk at 240 feet and 10 inches, handily broke the previous record of 198 feet, eight inches, held by American Ron Jones since 2013.

Berry made the feat look easy, but he put a lot of hard thought while preparing. Obviously, he contemplated the length of the bungee cord, his form and the placement of the mug. Less obvious, perhaps, was that he even put thought into the type of cookie he would dunk. Berry chose what’s known in his country as a “Chocolate HobNob,” a wide, flat cookie composed of rolled and jumbo oats.

“Structural integrity,” Berry told Sky News on Thursday when asked about the hobnob.

For his efforts, Guinness World Records awarded Berry a certificate, which he posted to Instagram on Thursday without comment.

Berry broke the bungee dunk record as part of Guinness World Records Day, a celebration the stalwart tome decided to hold to celebrate the day the Guinness World Records book sold its 100 millionth copy.

As part of the festivities, the organization said roughly 600,000 people around the world would attempt to break various records.

The Harlem Globetrotters alone broke nine records: the longest basketball hook shot, the longest blindfolded hook shot, the longest blindfolded regular shot, the farthest shot while sitting, the most three-pointers made by a pair in one minute, the same record with a single ball, the most bounced basketball three-pointers in one minute, most slam dunks in one minute by an individual and the farthest basketball shot under one leg.

Meanwhile in Japan, 23-year-old double Dutch expert Ayumi Sakamaki broke the record for most skips in 30 seconds.

And perhaps the weirdest record broken Thursday — yes, weirder than a bungee cord cookie dunk — came courtesy of magician Martin Reeves. The 28-year-old Brit broke the record for most magic tricks completed while sky diving.

Reeves, who also holds the record for most magic tricks performed in a wind tunnel in three minutes (yes, that’s something that also exists), completed 11 tricks during his 15,000-foot dive.