New York Knicks star Derrick Rose isn’t about to let politics or peer pressure bend him into making any rash real estate decisions. On Friday, the former Bulls guard said he plans to keep his condo in Chicago’s Trump International Hotel and Tower, despite growing criticism of president-elect Donald Trump among NBA teams and personalities.

“I stay out of the political world,” Rose told the New York Post. “His beliefs are his beliefs.”

Rose said he “gets” the controversy surrounding Trump, “as far as (some people) not wanting to associate themselves with that name.”

“But my situation is a little bit different,” he continued. “I bought my place well before he became (a presidential) candidate. And I felt like nobody could tell me to sell my property.”

Rose paid $2.8 million for his three bedroom, four-bath, 3,102-square-foot condo on the 84th floor of the Trump building in downtown Chicago just before he signed a $95 million contract extension with the Bulls in 2012, according to county records obtained by Chicago Business.

“It’s definitely an unbelievable feeling just being up there,” Rose said (via Chicago Business) shortly after the purchase. “The view is nice and I don’t take it for granted. It’s a blessing.”

Rose’s “blessing,” however, had not appreciated the way he hoped by this summer when he got traded to the Knicks. While he originally wanted to sell the property, Rose told the New York Post that a soft real estate market changed his mind.

“The market isn’t good,” he said, not specifying whether he was referring to a general or Trump-specific slump. “I don’t know if a lot of people want to be part of it.”

But “who knows,” the 28-year-old added. “In a year or two, it may triple the price. I’m not selling it (now) because I don’t want to feel I’m being forced to. It’s an investment.”

Rose’s decision to sit on his Trump property comes in the wake of at least three NBA teams reportedly avoiding Trump hotels this season. Among those teams are the Milwaukee Bucks, Memphis Grizzlies and the Dallas Mavericks, which are owned by longtime Trump critic Mark Cuban. He told the Associated Press this week the decision for the Mavericks to avoid Trump hotels “was made months ago.”

Memphis coach David Fizdale, meanwhile, denied the Grizzlies’ decision to avoid Trump properties had anything to do with the election.

“We didn’t stay in Trump hotels when I was in Miami either,” Fizdale, who coached the Heat from 2008 through last season, told the AP. “So when I came here I wanted to stay in places I was familiar with. It had nothing to do with (the president elect).”

The Bucks, meanwhile, have not commented on the decision to avoid Trump hotels, which was first reported by ESPN’s Marc Stein and Zach Lowe.

In contrast, several NBA personalities have come out strongly against the election of Trump, which they view as hazardous to the country. Among those critics are Pistons Coach Stan Van Gundy, Warriors Coach Steve Kerr and Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich, who offered some of the most scathing remarks.

“I’m just sick to my stomach,” he said. “Not basically because the Republicans won or anything, but the disgusting tenor and tone and all of the comments that have been xenophobic, homophobic, racist, misogynistic. … My final conclusion is, my big fear is — we are Rome.”