Shelley and Urban Meyer are shown in September. (Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

Jim Harbaugh lost his cool during Saturday’s Michigan-Ohio State game, and he certainly was not a happy camper in the wake of a late fourth-down officials decision that allowed the Buckeyes to go on to the win in double-overtime. So there’s no telling how he might have reacted to a some apparent shade thrown at him by Urban Meyer’s wife after the game.

During his postgame news conference, Meyer pulled out his phone and said he was getting a call from his wife, Shelley. After a brief exchange, the OSU coach told the media, “She said bring a gallon of milk home on the way home.”

Sure, Shelley Meyer could have simply been in need of a large quantity of milk. Or . . . well, everyone knows that milk is kind of Harbaugh’s thing, and that needling Michigan is kind of the thing for everyone associated with Ohio State.

Okay, “kind of Harbaugh’s thing” is actually a major understatement, as the Wolverines’ head coach is a huge fan of the stuff. How huge a fan? Let us count the ways:

  • He described milk last year as a “natural steroid”
  • To HBO’s Andrea Kremer last year, he said of his youth, “I drank a lot of milk, Andrea, a lot of milk. Whole milk, not the candy-a– 2 percent or skim milk.”
  • On a recent trip to a steakhouse, he was spotted with a large glass of milk to accompany his filet.

Then there’s the fact that Harbaugh and his wife (ahem) are starring in a commercial for a milk company. Oh, and in a September appearance on “The Dan Patrick Show,” when the host said Meyer drinks 1 percent milk, Harbaugh said, “Well, we refuse to drink the candy-a– skim milk or the 1 percent.”

So there’s plenty of reason to think that Shelley Meyer, who was likely well aware that her husband was in a news conference at the time, also knew exactly what she was doing in asking for a gallon of milk. Or is it possible that Urban Meyer staged the whole phone call and was using it to take his own shot at Harbaugh?


Either way, Meyer had to enjoy the chance to prove that he’s hardly intolerant of lactose-based jabs at his chief rival.