Jim Harbaugh Hulk Smash. (Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh let his emotions get the best of him late in the third quarter during Saturday’s game against Ohio State after the Wolverines were flagged for an offsides penalty.

Upset with the call, which many Michigan fans thought was questionable, Harbaugh whipped his play card in the air then broke his headphones on the sideline. It was enough to not only get the referee’s attention, but earn his scorn.

Harbaugh was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct, which allowed Ohio State to move the ball that much closer to the end zone. Two plays later, the Buckeyes would score to close the gap behind Michigan, 17-14.

While Harbaugh’s temper tantrum certainly didn’t help his team, the Buckeyes may have wound up scoring anyway. Before the offsides call, the Buckeyes made their third interception of the game to get the ball at the Wolverines’ 13-yard line. The penalties, including the offsides and Harbaugh’s unsportsmanlike call, led the ball to advance to the 4. From there, Ohio State running back Mike Weber was able to jump over the pile into the end zone.