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Jeff Fisher simply couldn’t figure out which pocket he’d put the challenge flag

In fairness, there are a lot of pockets in all those layers. (Steven Senne/Associated Press)

Sunday was a good news, bad news kind of day for Jeff Fisher. The Rams coach received a contract extension at the start of the day, but then he proceeded to have an embarrassing moment while his team got swatted aside by the Patriots, 26-10.

Eric Dickerson wonders about naked pictures and Fisher’s contract extension

Fisher wanted to challenge an officials’ ruling that Los Angeles wide receiver Brian Quick was out of bounds on what would have been a third-quarter catch. Replays immediately showed that the coach had a strong case, but there was just one problem: In which pocket did he put that darn flag?

As the announcers noted, Fisher was able to get the attention of a referee and give him a verbal cue that he wanted to challenge the ruling, and he did eventually locate the pesky piece of fabric. His challenge was successful, so it worked out, but not before even the ref got a chuckle out of it, not to mention TV viewers and countless others online.

As gaffes go, though, the hidden-flag trick had nothing on what happened a few days before the game, when Fisher discussed the Patriots’ running backs with New England reporters and revealed that he had a lot of catching up to do. He cited players named “Brandon” and “Danny,” causing people to wonder if he was referring to Brandon Bolden, who plays almost exclusively on special teams, and Danny Woodhead, a former Patriot who has been a member of the Chargers since 2013.

Fisher might want to learn more about the Patriots’ running backs

Even before that, Fisher found himself embroiled in a feud with Eric Dickerson, one that continued into Friday, when the former Rams great questioned why in the world the team would give Fisher an extension. “I mean, why would you bring him back?” Dickerson said on “The Herd with Colin Cowherd.” The record-setting running back added, “I asked [Rams COO Kevin Demoff], ‘Where are the naked pictures at?’ He must’ve got something on someone because five years is enough.”

What Fisher, set to go 0-5 in terms of winning seasons with the Rams and one loss away from tying the all-time NFL record, does have is a two-year extension that was actually given to him in the offseason but only confirmed Sunday. So even if Los Angeles fires him after this season, he’s guaranteed hefty paychecks for many months to come. Oh, and his agent happens to be Demoff’s father.

In other words, Fisher may have made himself the target for considerable mockery of late, but he’s probably not concerning himself much with that while on the way to the bank.