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Jeff Fisher is on the hunt for the source of the Rams’ anonymous leaks

Los Angeles Rams head coach Jeff Fisher looks on during Sunday’s loss to the New England Patriots. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)
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This season hasn’t been very kind to the Los Angeles Rams. After a 3-1 start, the Rams sit at 4-8 heading into their Week 14 matchup against the high-flying Atlanta Falcons on Sunday.

A rift between Rams legend Eric Dickerson and head coach Jeff Fisher last week was the icing on top of a season in which the latter declared, “I am not f—ing going 7-9 or 8-8 or 9-7” to his team during training camp on HBO’s “Hard Knocks.” Fisher has notoriously won either seven or eight games 10 out of 20 years as an NFL head coach.

Now, after signing two-year extension along with general manager Les Snead, Fisher is having to refute reports of discord between he and Snead, saying on Friday, “We’ll find out where it’s coming from.”

The issue stemmed from comments Fisher made Tuesday about the team’s roster, which were construed as criticizing the Rams front office.

Wondering why the Rams gave Jeff Fisher an extension? Here’s one good reason.

“I’m so busy here, I was honestly unaware he was extended. I’m being honest with you, we’re just working here,” Fisher said, per The MMQB. “I look at this as being my responsibility, the win-loss record. We need to do a better job from a personnel standpoint. We’ve had some unfortunate things take place with some high picks in Stedman Bailey and Tre Mason and those kinds of things you don’t anticipate.”

That statement rubbed at least one Rams employee the wrong way, especially considering Fisher wanted final say over personnel when taking the Rams job in 2012.

“It pissed me off because I knew it was meant as a shot,” an unnamed Rams source told The MMQB’s Albert Breer. “You see it under that umbrella —’We need to do a better job in personnel.’ OK, but you want everyone to think that you have full control. You can’t have it both ways, and it can’t always be the talent. Look at the roster, 2012 to now. In ’12, Jeff did a masterful job with what he was given. But we’ve gotten more talent, and we’ve gotten worse.”

“It’s always good to have healthy tension between the coach and GM, but that shouldn’t hurt the team or cause finger-pointing,” another team source told Breer. “Over five years, [Tuesday] was the first time you saw public comments. That should never happen. … The organization has given them a long leash. And given that they’ve had time, they have to win, and they have to be able to work together.”

Jeff Fisher simply couldn’t figure out which pocket he’d put the challenge flag

Fisher attempted to extinguish any lingering flames when talking to reporters on Friday.

“When you’re 4-8, people are frustrated, you know, they’re frustrated,” Fisher said.

“Honestly, I don’t know where this came from,” Fisher said. “Les and I have been on the same page since Day One. We communicate all the time. We work together. We make some decisions together. … There’s no issues between Les and I, by no means. We agree to disagree, and we’ve had a fun run. We’re certainly disappointed in the outcome and where we are, and we’ve got work to do, but we’re doing it together.”

Snead, who joined the Rams in 2012 along with Fisher, also disputed the notion of a relationship that Breer described as “toxic.”

“(The) relationship is really good,” Snead said. “We’ve worked together from the start, in every decision. Every decision that’s made, especially from a personnel standpoint.”

Jeff Fisher ties Tom Landry for second-most losses by an NFL coach

Snead also said he takes no issue with Fisher being unaware of his contract status.

“I let those guys concentrate on football,” Snead said of the coaches. “I go do my role. I think from that standpoint, I didn’t blow it out of proportion in any way at all. I was aware that we both were in the same boat, in terms of getting an extension. At that point in time, didn’t know the details of each other’s (contracts). I didn’t know his details, and vice versa.”

Fisher took exception with a section of The MMQB story indicating that front-office personnel “question how hard the team is pushed, with a lack of in-season padded practices being an example of the perceived problem.”

“Somebody said that we don’t pad our practices,” Fisher said. “We padded on Wednesday. So whoever is talking obviously has not been out to practice or does not understand the CBA. Enough is enough, Les and I are good, we’re all good. Our focus is on Atlanta right now.”