The Heisman Trophy was handed out Saturday night — congrats, Lamar Jackson! — and, as always, past winners were invited to the ceremony in New York. Seven of the most recent winners could not attend, having been busy preparing for NFL games, but two were less encumbered and stood onstage together: Tim Tebow (2007) and Johnny Manziel (2012).

What a pair the duo made, with winning college football’s most famous award and failing to make it in the pros being just about the only things they have in common. While Tebow tried his hardest to make it in the NFL, in keeping with his ultra-clean-cut, hyper-earnest persona, Manziel simply tossed his career away, preferring to hit the party circuit full=time.

As they stood onstage together, it was impossible not to take note of the juxtaposition, which, of course, meant that the Internet had a field day with it. Here are some of the best tweets.

After Jackson was announced as the winner and came up onstage to hug past winners, more merriment was had at his moment with Manziel. That amusement, though, turned, for some, to legitimate concern when Manziel later posted a photo and video of himself hanging out in a hotel room with the 19-year-old Louisville star.

Only big tings for this kid 🔥

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Yuhhh dat wayy @new_era8 #HEISMAN

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It remains to be seen whether Manziel turns out to be a bad influence on Jackson, but what if Tebow actually manages to exert his power of positivity upon the wayward ex-Browns quarterback? Okay, it’s a long shot, but they do, at least, figure to see each other at Heisman ceremonies for years to come.