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Joe Mixon told police ‘it felt like a dude hit me’ before he punched out a woman

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On July 25, 2014, Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon punched a woman named Amelia Molitor so hard that it broke multiple bones in her face. Three days later, he told police in Norman, Okla., that he simply was reacting to both a racial slur uttered by one of Molitor’s companions and what he described as a hard swing Molitor took at him.

The Oklahoman obtained video footage of the police interview and published a partial transcript this week:

“The gay dude … he called me something,” Mixon said in the video. “He was like (slur). So then I was like, you got me messed up. And then I called him a (slur). And after that, the girl, she dropped her purse, that’s when she came in my face, pushed me, and then my glasses came off, and then, like, I had, like, jumped at her, like, to watch out. And then she came in my face. I put my head down. And she swung on me.
“And after that, like, I was so shocked, because she hit me so hard. It felt like a dude hit me. And after that, like, my face went boom, my reaction was just right there.” …
“I mean, even though she pushed me, I didn’t think she was going to hit me,” Mixon said, repeating what he said earlier in the interview. “I was so shocked, because she hit me so hard, it felt like really like a dude hit me. And then, like, my face just started ringing. And after that, like, it was just like a reaction.”

Mixon’s attorneys released surveillance-video footage of the incident on Friday, more than two years after it took place. It shows Molitor, who reportedly weighed 130 pounds at the time, landing what appears to be a glancing blow on Mixon, who is listed as 6 feet 1 and 226 pounds on his official biography.

WARNING: The footage is graphic.

Mixon was charged with a misdemeanor but worked out a plea deal with prosecutors in which he avoided jail time. Oklahoma suspended him for the entire 2014 season — his first in Norman — but he has since become a key cog in the Sooners’ offense. Based on his talent and on-field accomplishments, Mixon would be considered a top running back prospect in next year’s NFL draft should he decide to forgo his final two years of eligibility after the Sooners finish this season at the Sugar Bowl on Jan. 2.

NFL teams could be wary, however, considering that the fallout from the Mixon video closely resembles what happened in the wake of the Ray Rice video. NFL teams have shied away from the former Baltimore Ravens running back since video of him punching out his then-fiancee surfaced in 2014.

NFL draft analyst Tony Pauline says Mixon should return to Oklahoma for one more season if he harbors any hopes of eventually being drafted.

NFL teams wanted no part of Ray Rice after his video came out. Will they feel the same about Joe Mixon?

“Since the release of the video, general managers around the league have told those close to Mixon he won’t get drafted, there’s a possibility he won’t be signed as a free agent and he may not even receive an invitation to the combine should he declare for the draft,” Pauline wrote Monday.

“His best and possibly only option at this point is returning to Oklahoma, if that’s even possible. There were two consistent themes throughout my conversations on the topic this weekend: Mixon was given bad advice staying silent over the issue and it would’ve been better had the tape been released two years ago.”