An unnerving scene unfolded at the Peach Bowl on Saturday when an object containing a mysterious white powder was thrown on the field near the Washington bench. The object wound up hitting an event staff member in the face and caused a burning sensation in his eyes, according to investigators who spoke to ESPN after the game.

While the man was ushered off the field in a wheelchair, more than two dozen law enforcement officials, including Department of Homeland Security officers, rushed onto the field to cordon off the area near the south sideline where the powder landed at the Georgia Dome.

Investigators went on to test the substance for traces of biological, chemical, radiological and nuclear elements, and all tests came back negative, according to ESPN.

The condition of the man struck remains unknown, while the culprit who threw the projectile is still at large. The commotion did not appear to interrupt the action on the field that saw Alabama dismantle Washington, 24-7.

After the game, however, another controversy brewed when ESPN quoted Crimson Tide defensive end Jonathan Allen as calling the Huskies “soft.”

As that report spread, Allen later took to Twitter on Saturday where he denied saying that at all.

“I have nothing but the up most [sic] respect for Washington and how they came out there and competed today,” he added.