When the NBA released the first round of fan voting for its 2017 All-Star Game on Thursday, Tristan Thompson’s name was nowhere to be found. That means the Cavaliers’ forward has quite a lot of ground to make up, but if he does, plenty of credit will have to go to his celebrity squeeze, Khloe Kardashian.

The reality-TV superstar has been dating Thompson for several months, and on Thursday, she began to marshal support for his all-star candidacy from her Twitter followers, all 22.8 million of them. Kardashian called on them to retweet a post backing her “baby,” and she rewarded many of her followers by retweeting their posts.

Even Kardashian’s mother, Kris Jenner, got into the act. According to the NBA’s rules on fan voting, tweets count as official votes, with some qualifications: they must include the hashtag #NBAVOTE plus a given player’s first and last name or Twitter handle; each tweet can only name one player, and only 10 such tweets are allowed per day from a given account; each of those daily tweets must be for a different player; and retweets conforming to the previous rules count as valid votes.

The voting window opened on Dec. 10, and it closes at midnight on Jan. 18; the game will be played Feb. 19. Fans can also vote for players in a number of other ways online, including by visiting nba.com, using the league’s mobile app, going to other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and even by performing certain Google searches.

In the first round of balloting, two of Thompson’s teammates, LeBron James and Kevin Love, were in the top three vote-getters among Eastern Conference frontcourt players, with James receiving the most votes so far (595,288) of any player. Another Cav, Kyrie Irving, led all guards in votes, while a pair of Warriors, Kevin Durant and Steph Curry, paced Western Conference all-star candidates.

The NBA released the top 10 players in each voting category, and 10th among East frontcourt players was the Bucks’ Jabari Parker with 64,141 votes, while Love had 250,347, so Thompson would likely need the help of many thousands of Kardashian’s followers to push into contention. For the first time, fan voting alone will not determine the starting lineups, as player and media votes will count as well.

Kardashian had previously been dating Rockets star James Harden, and she was briefly linked to Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. over the summer. In October, gossip website Hollywood Life reported that James was unhappy with Thompson’s involvement with Kardashian, out of concern for the media circus that follows her around.

On the other hand, James would probably be delighted to see Thompson join him in New Orleans for the game, and if that happens, both of them might owe a certain famous — and influential — girlfriend a debt of gratitude. Meanwhile, Kardashian is showing her feelings for Thompson in all sorts of social-media ways.

(H/T Uproxx)