Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. is stepping away from the NFL after 16 seasons, and if you know anything about him you probably could guess that his official retirement letter to the league would not simply be a matter of “I hereby announce my retirement.”

It isn’t.

“I, Steve Smith Sr., will no longer be antagonizing defensive backs,” the letter reads.

Over his 16-year career, Smith antagonized defensive backs to the tune of 1,031 catches (12th all time), 14,731 yards (seventh) and 81 touchdowns (tied for 26th), and he often let them know all about it afterward.

After catching seven passes for 139 yards and two scores against the Panthers, his former team, in 2014:

“That film was a coaching session. They’re going to be coaching that. I’m 35 years old, and I ran around them boys like they were schoolyard kids.”

Same season, after he had four catches for 89 yards and a touchdown in a win over the Saints:

“I kind of tried this thing this offseason — made a pact with myself — I look in the eyes of all my victims before I take their lunch money.”

Or this:

Or this response to DeAngelo Hall’s trash-talk in 2006:

If that’s the kind of game he’s trying to play, he’s barking up the wrong tree. It’s a big [butt] tree.

The saddest thing about all this is we have to wait five years until his Hall of Fame speech, which I imagine will just be a series of one-liners and also the greatest speech in yellow-jacket history.