The thing about going on a Miami party boat the morning after an entire night of clubbing and just days before a playoff game at Green Bay, as several members of the Giants very notably did last week, is that you had better play well in the game. As it turned out, many Giants did not play well, or at least had poor moments, leading to much discussion during the game about who was and wasn’t on the boat.

Odell Beckham Jr., he of the unmistakable dyed-blond hairdo in the photo above, was definitely on the boat, as were fellow Giants wide receivers Victor Cruz, Sterling Shepard and Roger Lewis, among others. Beckham proceeded to open Sunday’s playoff game against the Packers by dropping a couple of passes, including one that could have gone for a touchdown, as did Shepard. Cue the boat-related hot takes.

Later in the game, the first-half ended on a Hail Mary touchdown from Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers to wide receiver Randall Cobb, who would go on to catch two more scoring passes. Was Cobb on the boat? Twitter said he most definitely was not.

Someone who was on the boat was singer/actor Trey Songz, who can be seen in the photo at the bottom left (and who appears to be holding … something that he’s smoking, in his left hand). Following the Hail Mary, Songz pointed out that the Giants’ defensive backs who allowed the unlikely completion had also not been on the boat (i.e., the boat trip alone could not be blamed for all of New York’s lapses at Green Bay).

After settling for two field goals in the first half, the Giants finally scored a touchdown in the third quarter, on a 41-yard pass from Eli Manning to wide receiver Tavarres King. Sure enough, people rushed to Twitter to note that King was not in the boat photo, or in any reports about it.

Also noting that King wasn’t on the boat was former Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes, who famously helped his squad beat the Packers in the 2008 NFC championship game by hitting a field goal in overtime. Songz responded by joking that King had indeed been on the boat, but was “grabbing some food” at the time the photo was taken.

Songz was a busy man during the New York-Green Bay game, replying to some Twitter users’ questions about the boat and retweeting criticism from others. With his Giants falling well behind in the second half, he even retweeted one user’s inevitable “Crying Jordan” edit of the boat photo.

Having lost the game, 38-13 — just call it a three-hour tour of playoff misery — Beckham and his nautically inclined teammates now have plenty of time to take boat trips, in Miami and elsewhere. However, first they may have to bow their heads and take a stern lecture from Giants management, after submitting a hull of a disappointing performance Sunday.