During his Warriors’ run to an NBA title in 2015, Steph Curry proved to be quite the family man by holding his baby daughter, Riley, on his lap during postgame news conferences. Riley, in turn, proved to be quite the scene-stealer, and in an appearance Sunday on “Family Guy,” she briefly became a target for the show’s signature satire.

What’s more, Curry himself, or at least his voice, appeared in the segment on the animated Fox comedy. The two-time MVP deserves credit for being a good sport about the whole thing, but then again, he is on record as being a fan of the show.

Mr. “Family Guy,” Peter Griffin, and his usual crew are in San Francisco when they spot Curry across the street. Peter takes the opportunity to ask Curry if he can sit on the Warrior’s lap in a news conference, with predictably silly results.

In a 2009 Q&A with USA Today, back in his rookie season, Curry said his “Favorite TV show” was “Family Guy,” so he must have been happy to have had a chance to make a cameo. An Instagram post by a recording studio from November 2015 showed Curry there to do a voice-over for the show, indicating that this appearance had been in the works for quite some time.

That was closer to when Riley, now four, had her breakout performances during that year’s NBA playoffs, but having established her celebrity status, she kept popping back up in new ways. Since then, she has shown off her Whip/Nae Nae skills, appeared with her parents on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” starred in a video that spoofed the Republican primary field and even landed her own shoe contract.

And that was just in 2015. Last year, Riley made a memorable appearance at her dad’s acceptance ceremony for his second straight MVP award, as well as in his line of personalized emoji.

Of course, in last year’s NBA Finals, LeBron James’s Cavaliers toppled Curry’s Warriors, giving James’s own young daughter, Zhuri, a chance to bask in the postgame spotlight. However, we’ll know Zhuri has truly made it when her antics get spoofed in a hit, animated TV series.