Sweet dreams, Coach Harbaugh? (Marta Lavandier/Associated Press)

College football fans may have been divided over the legality of the final scoring play in Monday’s Clemson-Alabama game, but everyone agreed on one thing: The 35-31 thriller to decide the national championship was an instant classic.

But at least one major figure in college football, namely Jim Harbaugh, has yet to get around to watching the game. However, the Michigan head coach offered a solid reason for having missed the Tigers’ upset of the Crimson Tide. He was catching some Z’s.

Harbaugh made mention of the game when asked Tuesday while attending a Kentucky-Vanderbilt men’s basketball game in Nashville. So we know that he’s not ignoring college sports altogether, just games of the highest significance, not to mention drama, in his college sport.

The basketball game was being telecast on ESPN, so the network dispatched sideline reporter Kaylee Hartung to interview Harbaugh as he sat in the stands at the Commodores’ Memorial Gym. Noting that the Wolverines’ three losses came by a total of five points, Hartung asked for a perspective on the difficulty of the task Clemson completed Monday.

“Well, I heard it was a great game. I have it Tivo’d. I did not [watch the game] . . . I fell asleep,” Harbaugh replied. “But I heard it was an incredible game, and congratulations to both teams and to Clemson.”

Perhaps Harbaugh is still miffed that his sixth-ranked Wolverines were left out of the four-team College Football Playoff, particularly given how archrival Ohio State was waxed by Clemson in the semifinals. Michigan wrapped up its season with a 33-32 loss to Florida State in the Orange Bowl on Dec. 30.

Harbaugh said that he was at Tuesday’s game because he had been a guest on John Calipari’s podcast and had told the Kentucky coach that he wanted to see the Wildcats in action. “I don’t believe in empty gestures,” Harbaugh said, “so when he invited me to a game and a practice, I’m going.”

Harbaugh also noted that he had long been a fan “from afar” of Vandy Coach Bryce Drew and his “family,” which also includes Baylor Coach Scott Drew and former Valparaiso Coach Homer Drew. “If you know the television series, ‘The Blue Bloods,’ the Drews are the Blue Bloods of college basketball,” he said.

After praising Vanderbilt’s historic arena, Harbaugh said he “loved watching [Calipari] coach,” adding, “He’s awesome.”

Millions of sports fans thought the CFP championship game was awesome, too, but we’ll apparently have to wait a bit longer before getting Harbaugh’s assessment.