The letter’s “A.I.” can conjure up sci-fi movies (particularly the 2001 film of the same name, of course), but to sports fans, they stand for “Allen Iverson.” For his part, the former 76ers great has rarely conjured up sci-fi movies — until Thursday.

That’s when Iverson was spotted at a Knicks-Bulls game at Madison Square Garden wearing a “Rebel Alliance” hat. Which can only lead to this question: Is “The Answer” a “Star Wars” nerd?

It’s possible that Iverson was simply attracted to the phrase on the front, given that he was seen as a force for rebellion during his playing days. His tattoos, braids and playing style occasionally put him at odds with the hoops empire for which he toiled, but none of that prevented him from putting together a career that, in September, landed him in the Hall of Fame.

Iverson was in town to promote the new three-on-three league (if the “Star Wars” trilogies played a game, the originals would beat the prequels by, what, 100 points?) that will debut this summer, and in which he’ll be a player/coach. That league is the brainchild of Ice Cube, who himself conjures up sci-fi movies, at least if you’re a fan of “Ghosts of Mars.”

At the Garden, Iverson watched the Knicks top the Bulls, 104-89, and he showed some love afterward to wayward point guard Derrick Rose and Kristaps Porzingis, who himself was reduced to a spectator because of an Achilles’ injury.

We knew that Klay Thompson, he of the Yoda socks, was a fan of “Star Wars,” but the Warriors guard had already revealed himself to be a Harry Potter nerd, so that wasn’t a total shock. Seeing Iverson rocking the “Rebel Alliance” hat, though, has some of us more crossed up than Michael Jordan.