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Tony Romo turned up at Trump’s D.C. hotel just before Inauguration Day

Tony Romo and his wife, Candice Crawford, have been frequent guests at the White House correspondents’ dinner, including in 2016. (Evan Agostini/Invision via AP)

Having been ousted from the playoffs, the Cowboys don’t have a game for which to prepare this week, giving Dallas players the chance to pursue other interests. Tony Romo may or may not be interested in attending Friday’s presidential inauguration, but he was spotted Wednesday at Donald Trump’s new hotel in D.C.

If he does stick around for the inauguration, that wouldn’t be the first politically themed event Romo has attended in D.C. He and his wife, Candice Crawford, have been to the annual White House correspondents’ dinner many times, including recently as guests of Fox News.

At the 2015 dinner, Romo said he was “excited about the upcoming election” and interested in how the Republican field would take shape. He added, “I’ve gotten to know Scott Walker a little bit. I’ll see. He’s from my area back in Wisconsin so there’s a few people I’ll be asking about.”

Romo never formally endorsed Trump, but the president-elect had some kind words for him in 2015, after the Cowboys quarterback broke his clavicle. “The fact that Tony Romo got hurt is a terrible thing for the Dallas Cowboys,” Trump said. “I think Tony’s a great guy, I know him and he’s also a great football player and it certainly will hurt Dallas.”

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Not having Romo available for much of this season, after he injured his back in the preseason, didn’t hurt Dallas much, as rookie Dak Prescott played remarkably well and cemented himself as the Cowboys’ starting quarterback for the foreseeable future. That leaves Romo looking for a new team, albeit likely not in Washington.

Unless . . .

Just sayin’, Kirk Cousins could become a coveted free agent if the Redskins can’t come to terms with him on a long-term deal and/or decline to again place the franchise tag on him. If Cousins leaves town, Washington will likely want to bring in a veteran quarterback.

However, the Cowboys still hold Romo’s rights, and Jerry Jones would rather sing “Hail to the Redskins” than watch his longtime starter don the burgundy and gold. Then again, it wasn’t that long ago when people said there was no way Donald Trump could ever be elected president, so who knows?

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