Here’s hoping he left the cabbie a nice tip. (David Zalubowski/Associated Press)

John Elway was in D.C. for the presidential inauguration, and at one point, he had occasion to take a taxi from the Capitol Hill area. His cab driver’s garb made it clear that he was a big Pittsburgh sports fan, and so the conversation, not coincidentally, turned to the identity of the man’s all-time favorite quarterback.

The driver made the right call: John Elway. The thing was, he had no idea that the former Broncos great was in his backseat at the time.

A friend of Elway’s who was in the taxi with the ex-quarterback and his wife posted the amusing video on his Facebook account Friday, the day of President Trump’s inauguration. In it, a driver who identifies himself as Sam Snow says that Elway is his all-time No. 1 because “he’s a great quarterback.” His second choice is Tom Brady — “even though I can’t stand him” — then a pick befitting his loyalties, Ben Roethlisberger (who himself wears a No. 7 jersey in honor of Elway, his childhood hero).

“If you ran into Elway, would you know who he was?” Snow is asked. After he replies, “Oh, yeah,” he is asked to turn around, at which point he gets quite the surprise.

“Oh, come on, man, are you serious?” Snow exclaims. He asks to take a photo with Elway, with the stipulation that the 56-year-old, now the Broncos’ general manager, take his sunglasses off. Here is the whole sequence:

Snow proves he really is a Steelers fan (not that anyone else would ever want to wear that jacket) by recalling the 1998 AFC championship game, when Elway bested Pittsburgh quarterback Kordell Stewart. Upon hearing the names of former Steelers pass-rushers Greg Lloyd and Kevin Greene, Elway wryly notes how they “hit” him.

In addition to attending the inauguration in a VIP section, Elway was at a dinner for donors hosted by Trump the night before. At that dinner, the then-president-elect gave a shout-out to his favorite quarterback: Brady.