As Super Bowl stunts go, there is finally one that almost everybody can get behind: making the day after the big game a national holiday.

Why not? Claiming that more than 16 million people call in sick the day after the game, Kraft Heinz Co., makers of Heinz Ketchup, Oscar Mayer hot dogs, Velveeta cheese and other products, started a somewhat tongue-in-cheek campaign by giving its salaried employees the day off and took it a step further by posting a petition on to make the day a national holiday. Never mind that they’re calling it Smunday. You don’t have to do that.

“We can all agree that going to work the Monday after the ‘Big Game’ on Sunday is awful,” the petition states. “So as far as we’re concerned at Heinz, we as a nation should stop settling for it being the worst work day of the year. We don’t settle for that awesome football Sunday to be just like every other day of the year.”

If the petition gets more than 100,000 signatures — it currently has just under 9,500 — the petition will be presented to Congress. And if it doesn’t get that far, well, maybe Kraft Heinz is hiring.