With his Steelers’ season over, Le’Veon Bell has apparently kept busy by trying to put the “dis” in “Undisputed.” The star of that Fox Sports 1 show, Skip Bayless, gets a verbal spanking in a new rap track by the running back.

Bell released “Shrimp Bayless” on Monday under his hip-hop pseudonym, Juice (a nickname bestowed on Bell by Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin, who was reminded of O.J. Simpson’s running style). Apparently, Bayless has been less than complimentary toward the Pittsburgh player on “Undisputed,” where he and co-host Shannon Sharpe take turns churning out hot takes, so Bell is firing back.

After some audio clips of Bayless and Sharpe debating the merits of Bell on their show, the back starts rapping, opening with these verses, the first of which may refer to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones:

“Shrimp Bayless, I been hearing you lately/You love Jerry way too much, you acting like y’all related/I got the Hall of Fame waiting, I’m the best that you hating/I don’t know why you hating, I don’t know why you hate me.
“Probably because my name is mixed in close with some of the greatest/They talk about patience, you close to testing my patience/You say whatever for ratings, I’m not blind, I can see/You say I’m just an average running back, no way you believe it.
“You talking down for no reason, talking down for no reason/Cause you know my numbers crazy when I’m done with the season/Sometimes I hate that you breathing/Make you sick as a germ/You keep on talking all that nonsense, I’m going to call Richard Sherm.”

Sherman, the Seahawks cornerback, famously sparred with Bayless in 2013, when the latter was still featured on ESPN’s “First Take.” “I am intelligent enough and capable enough to understand that you are an ignorant, pompous, egotistical cretin,” Sherman told Bayless.

Meanwhile, Bell was slamming the FS1 personality with bars such as, “Yeah, I guess your visions are blurred/Guess the only way you’d like me is if I played for the Spurs.” Elsewhere in the song, the fourth-year Steeler, whose team lost to the Patriots in the AFC championship game, takes a swipe at a certain New England quarterback:

“All this money is raining/I can’t stop it from raining/These dollars running their mouth, so I’m rapping like Shady/I don’t need me a savings, the money do a 180/The Shrimp we know you are crazy/Deflate you just like Tom Brady.”

This isn’t Bell’s first foray into the rap game, having already released a mixtape and an EP, “Until the Post Interview.” Some might suggest that he not quit his day job, but with this kind of attention from NFL stars, there’s no reason for Bayless to do so, either.