Budweiser’s annual entry into the Super Bowl competition is always one of the most anticipated, generally because it brings a tear to the eye and features animals that are beyond adorable.

This year’s ad, though, has a stronger message — one that is especially on point after the President Trump’s recent executive order concerning immigration.

This one is called “Born the Hard Way,” but the subtitle could be “When Anheuser met Busch” because it shows Eberhard Anheuser leaving Germany for America in the late 1850s and landing in St. Louis, where he met Adolphus Busch and the rest is, as they say, suds history.

Budweiser’s puppy-and-horse relationship has been a winning combo for the last few years, until taking a break in Super Bowl 50. We’ll see if “you don’t look like you’re from around here” will resonate with viewers.