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Trump’s tweets, Lady Gaga’s hair and other bizarre Super Bowl prop bets

How many times will this man tweet during Super Bowl LI? (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

Let’s be honest. For many, the Super Bowl’s biggest appeal isn’t the athletic competition. Really, who cares about football when there are so many good commercials to watch, a halftime show to critique and a bunch of other madness surrounding this yearly spectacle? And you can bet on all of it.

Some of this year’s prop bets are extra zany thanks to an often unpredictable commander in chief who loves social media. For instance, how many times will President Trump tweet during the game?

That’s a real bet being offered by several online betting sites this year, and maybe a bit of a surprise perhaps with an over/under of 1.5, the oddsmakers believe the under has a better chance of happening. That is, the oddsmakers don’t think the president will tweet more than once during the game. It’s even odds for over, while the money line for under is -140.

Here are the 10 other weird prop bets gathered from online oddsmakers Bovada and Oddsshark:

Who will Donald Trump pick to win the game? 

Speaking of the 45th president of the United States, who do you think he’s got? No surprise, the Pats are the surest bet at -500, but the Atlanta Falcons aren’t a total long shot. At +300, Vegas seems to think Trump would turn his back on Brady and good friend and Pats owner Robert Kraft. Stranger things have happened . . .

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Who will the Super Bowl MVP mention first after he is presented with the trophy?

If you’re feeling risky, put your money on Trump. With a money line of +2000, the Donald is a long shot here, especially if New England Patriots Tom Brady wins. While he counts Trump as an acquaintance, the quarterback is mum when it comes to politics. A good bet for him might be his family, who he’s repeatedly said he’s very excited to have at the game. And with a money line at +900, you can win some serious bones. Other bets: team/teammates, +200; coach, +900; owner, +900; God, +200; does not mention any of the above, +250.

If the Patriots win, will Brady, Kraft or Pats Coach Bill Belichick be seen shaking NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s hand on TV?

Deflategate may have been two years ago, but the awkwardness remains, as it was just this season that Brady had to serve his four-game suspension over the matter about underinflated footballs. The odds are nearly even, but “yes” is a surer bet than “no,” according to oddsmakers, who set the moneylines at -150 and +110, respectively.

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What color will the liquid be that is poured on the winning coach? 

Purple is the long shot in this category with a money line of +1000. Blue is the next unlikeliest at +750, followed by red (+500) and then orange, yellow, lime/green and clear, all of which are +200.

What color will Lady Gaga’s hair be at the start of the halftime show?

Blonde is the favorite at -400, while “any other color” could win you $2.50 cents for every $1 you put down. Judging from Gaga’s wild sense of style, this could be a good one to go against the odds.

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Will Luke Bryan be wearing a hat when he appears on screen before singing the U.S. national anthem?

The odds of this bet are completely even at -120 for both “yes” and “no.” If we were to throw down some bucks on it, though, we’d guess no. Unlike most country singers, Bryan’s hat of choice isn’t of the cowboy variety. He favors baseball caps, which surely one wouldn’t wear to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” at a football game. Maybe.

Will any player in the Super Bowl be seen kneeling during the national anthem on the live TV broadcast?

If Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers made it to the postseason, the odds would likely be different. But since they didn’t, the oddsmakers put the money line for “no” at -400 and “yes” at +250. If anyone’s going to exercise their right to protest, though, it will likely be either Devin McCourty and Martellus Bennett of the Patriots. They’re the only two players in the game that did so in the regular season.

Will the word “lacrosse” be said on TV during the live broadcast?

There’s more chance than not the announcers will mention the official sport of Maryland, according to the oddsmakers, which set the money line at -250 for “yes” and +170 for “no.” That’s because Patriots receiver Chris Hogan used to play the sport in college.

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Will “Houston, we have a problem” be said on TV during the live broadcast?

In other words, how corny do you think Joe Buck, Troy Aikman and the rest of the broadcast team’s commentary will be? Vegas has some faith in the crew’s ability to avoid cliches. The money line for “no” stands at -400 and “yes” at +250.

How many times will Gisele Bündchen be shown on TV during the live broadcast?

Tom Brady’s supermodel wife makes for good TV, but not the most exciting bet. Vegas set even odds for over 1.5, with a slightly better chance for under 1.5 with a money line of -140.

This post has been updated to correct an error about the odds-on favorite regarding Trump’s tweets.