Don’t say you weren’t warned. (Lionel Cironneau/Associated Press)

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest party nights of the year, and police across the country are hoping to deter drunken driving. One police department issued a warning that should send a shiver down the spine of any would-be intoxicated motorist.

That’s right: Wyoming, Minn., police threatened to sic the Biebs on drunk drivers. Cruel and unusual? Well, that could be for the courts to decide, but no one ever has much sympathy for those who get behind the wheel after having had a few.

The tweet was in reference to a T-Mobile ad that aired during the Super Bowl, one that starred Bieber, with guest appearances by Rob Gronkowski and Terrell Owens. Fans of the pop star presumably loved it, as did fans of the phrase “This guy’s got the shimmedy sham-sham shimmedy shake right there.”

Here’s hoping T-Mobile doesn’t choose to re-air that ad endlessly after the Super Bowl.

Meanwhile, Twitter users were happy to salute the Wyoming police for their work.

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