Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, might have thought that he could kick back, relax with Super Bowl LI and lick his wounds from the comedic drubbing he took from Melissa McCarthy on this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live.” The Internet had other ideas.

Spicer was getting crushed under an avalanche of “alternative facts” and more. So much more when, for the first three quarters, the New England Patriots were being dominated by the Atlanta Falcons.

The only person having a worse time during the game’s early goings may have been Spicer’s boss. In the end, though, the Patriots came back and won in overtime. And Spicer had the last word as far as McCarthy’s sketch was concerned, telling “Extra” that SNL has “crossed over into mean” and offering Alec Baldwin’s portray of President Trump as an example.

Spicer, who said he was rooting for the Patriots and attended the Super Bowl with Vice President Pence, also said that the performance could have been “dialed back.”

“Alec has gone from funny to mean, and that’s unfortunate,” he said. “SNL used to be really funny. There’s a streak of meanness now that they’ve crossed over to mean.”

Next weekend, Baldwin is hosting SNL.

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