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Patriots’ parade highlights: New England celebrates as Tom Brady declares a holiday

New England Patriots stars wave to the hundreds of thousands of fans during the team's Super Bowl victory parade in Boston. (Video: Reuters)

The city of Boston will celebrate another championship with a parade and this one, the fifth given for the New England Patriots, may be massive, given that quarterback Tom Brady has given everyone in the city the day off.

“Attention managers of Boston,” the city’s ruler wrote Monday on Instagram. “I hereby declare [Tuesday] a citywide holiday. [TUESDAY] WE DANCE IN THE STREETS.”

One million fans are estimated to obey Brady’s command and line the parade route.

Seems like a reasonable reaction to the team’s historic, come-from-behind, overtime victory Sunday.

The forecast calls for freezing rain and light snow, with a high of 38. WBZ is calling the snow “God’s confetti.”

Among the signs along the route are those promising prayers for Brady’s mother, who has been undergoing radiation and chemotherapy to treat cancer.

There’s also a bit of alcohol, like Gray Goose, being consumed by players as they ride those duckboats.

And, of course, people were tossing footballs around, even to the unlikeliest of receivers.

Tight end Rob Gronkowski may have been injured much of the season, but he was all in on the celebration. “I partied for them,” he said of the team’s fans. “I chugged beers for them, I had to. It’s just unbelievable, I love them so much.”