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Victim told police football player Joe Mixon punched her because she rejected his advances

The details of the Joe Mixon incident continue to trickle out. (Gerald Herbert/Associated Press)
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The woman who accused former Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon, a possible NFL draft pick, of punching her at a cafe in Norman, Okla., in July 2014 told police less than a month after the incident that it started because she rejected the sexual advances of Mixon and a group of his friends.

In an interview with Norman Police Det. David Freudiger on Aug. 14, 2014, the woman, a former Oklahoma student named Amelia Molitor, described a scene from July 25 of that year during which she and a friend had stopped outside of Pickleman’s Cafe while a friend used the restroom inside. That is where they encountered Mixon and three friends.

The Norman Police Department released a video of Molitor’s interview Thursday. It can be seen here.

Molitor described the beginning of the incident:

And then kind of out of nowhere — I don’t remember if they were already standing there or if they come up behind us, but there were four gentlemen that just — they were, like — like making catcalls at me, like saying — commenting on how I looked and what — it just kind of, like, escalated from there.
They were talking about Joe, I suppose.  I didn’t know who he was, but — it’s kind of all over the place, because I can’t remember anything to now.
Anyway, like, “It’s my boy’s birthday.” Like, “You want to — like, what are you going to do for him?”  Like, suggesting that I go home with him and making very specific suggestions about what I could do, you know, to pleasure him.  And I — like, my first reaction was, like, to laugh. . . .
You know, they were commenting on, like, how I looked.  And it was just like — it’s, like, very uncomfortable.  I mean, it was degrading kind of, in a way, the things that they were saying to me.  Like I was, like, a piece of meat, and I don’t take kindly to that.
So my first reaction was to laugh.  Like, I was, like, “Uh, bye.”  Like, “Leave me alone.”

Mixon was celebrating his 18th birthday on the day of the incident. In the aftermath, he was charged with misdemeanor assault charge and reached a plea deal with prosecutors in which he avoided jail time. He was suspended for the entire 2014 season by Oklahoma Coach Bob Stoops. But Mixon became a key component of the Sooners’ offense upon his return last season, rushing for a team-high 1,274 yards and catching 37 passes for 538 yards. He announced his intention to enter the NFL draft after the Sugar Bowl last month, though he will be barred from the NFL combine because of the assault charge.

Molitor told police that Mixon became upset when she rejected his advances and directed a homosexual slur toward her male companion that night.

And he said — Joe said something along the lines of, “So you’d rather go home with this little [expletive] than me?” And, like, I had already started to get mad.  I was like, “Who do you think you are talking to? Leave me alone.”
And as soon as they said that, I got very angry.  I remember being called a few names that weren’t very nice. . . .
Like things about me, like obviously, like, him taking me home.  And, “You won’t suck his [expletive] or anything?”
And I was like, “Oh, my God, seriously.”  And, like, I started to get mad.  They are being — like they are harassing me at that point.

In the interview with police, Molitor admitted to confronting Mixon after he used the slur toward her friend and called her an expletive.

“So I faced Joe,” she said. ” And I was just like: ‘Don’t [expletive] with me.  Like, do not mess with my friend. Don’t mess with me.  Like, this isn’t — just don’t. Like just stop.  Go away.’ And he goes: ‘Oh, you’re a bad [expletive].’ Like, what are you going to do about it?”

Molitor told police Mixon’s friends were encouraging him to do something to her as she went inside the restaurant with her friend in an attempt to extricate herself from the situation:

One of the guys, as I was walking in, like I heard him — they were like — it’s almost like they were, like, egging him on, like, “Are you going to take that from that [expletive]?  Like, seriously?
So I — this is like as I was walking inside.  So I’m pretty sure I had [my friend] by the hand, but I don’t remember.  I know that I saw Dave and a couple of other people that I knew, and I was just like — like, I wasn’t trying to get him to do anything about it.  I was just like, “This guy is —  like, they’re — seriously, I think they’re trying to fight me right now.  Like, this guy is out of his mind.”
And that’s where I go blank.  Like, I remember, like, a flash.

Video of the incident, which was released previously, then shows Mixon entering the restaurant and confronting Molitor and her friend. After Molitor lunges at him, Mixon punches her in the face with his right fist.

“It was like I got hit by a train and, like, black,” Molitor said in the police interview.

On Thursday, Mixon’s attorney, Blake Johnson, said the player denies Molitor’s claims that he verbally harassed her outside of the cafe.

“Her claim to this effect is contradicted by accounts that were provided to investigators shortly after the incident by several eyewitnesses outside the restaurant,” Johnson said in an email to The Post. “In her police interview, Ms. Molitor herself admits her memories of the night are hazy and scattered. Eyewitnesses report that Ms. Molitor was belligerent and apparently inebriated. The statements from these witnesses about what occurred are also consistent with what Joe reported to the police and has always maintained.”

In his own July 2014 interview with police, video of which already had been released, Mixon said that “it felt like a dude hit me” when Molitor slapped him. Mixon told police that Molitor’s friend, but not Molitor herself, used a racial slur toward him (Molitor, in her interview, also said she didn’t use a racial slur). In his interview with police, he also admitted using a homosexual slur toward Molitor’s friend.

In her interview, Molitor described to police the severe facial injuries she suffered as a result of the punch, how her family’s Texas address had been revealed on the Internet and how she was determined to return to Oklahoma to finish her degree, which she did in December. Molitor also has filed a federal lawsuit against Mixon alleging intentional infliction of emotional distress. Mixon issued a public apology for the incident in December 2016.

“But he, you know — like, this has obviously been a big, like, event in my life and, like, changed a lot of things,” Molitor said in the police interview. “And I’m just not going to let him take that away from me too, you know.  I just — it’s important to me.  I’m not going to let him have that power over me.”