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Mr. Met lands haymaker as feud with Noah Syndergaard continues

It’s all fun and games until someone tries to come between a mascot and his special lady. (Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Citi)
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The Mets’ pitchers and catchers have only just reported to camp, and already Noah Syndergaard has taken an “L.” This one came at the tweeting hands of none other than the team’s mascot, Mr. Met, and it represents just the latest salvo in their long-running feud.

Mr. Met got the ball troll … er, rolling Monday with a Valentine’s Day-themed Twitter post that tweaked the hard-throwing pitcher.

Syndergaard offered a mild retort, one that appeared to reference his previously stated designs on Mrs. Met. That only served to put the ball on a tee for his huge-headed antagonist.

Shots fired! Understandably shaken, Syndergaard could only fire back with a GIF and a warning of future retribution.

Score that round for Mr. Met, but the war with a player who posted a 6.0 WAR last year (sixth in the NL) is clearly far from over. It started last season, when Syndergaard told Fox Sports that he was “terrified of mascots.”

“They’re just creepy,” the 6-foot-6, 250-pound pitcher said. “They’re very stealthy, but they’re huge at the same time. I feel like they sneak up on me everywhere.

“The most terrifying mascot for me, Mr. Met, is probably somewhere around here.”

Shortly after that, Mr. Met took his first Twitter shot at Syndergaard, purposely using a frequent misspelling of the pitcher’s name while threatening to sneak up on him. At that point, it was ON.

Well, it wasn’t exactly on right away, but hostilities ramped up in September, and the offseason only gave both sides more time to take shots at each other.

It took until November before Mrs. Met got involved. It was through no fault of her own, but at that point, there was no going back.

From there, Syndergaard made it his mission to flirt with Mr. Met’s significant other at every turn.

Of course, Syndergaard still made time to take direct shots at his mascot nemesis, who was happy to respond in kind. Warning: This goes on for a while.

Some folks just plum don’t like each other. That epic back-and-forth set the stage for spring training, and Syndergaard proclaimed himself in midseason form.

Monday’s exchange really began with a heartwarming tribute from Mr. Met to the missus, whence it took its ugly turn.

Rather than showing any signs of letting up, the feud appears to be intensifying, if Mr. Met’s willingness to make a “mom” joke is any indication. The mascot has every reason to think he can outlast Syndergaard in this battle of online attrition, given that he has been associated with the Mets since 1963, almost 30 years before the all-star pitcher was born, but he had better hope this thing stays Internet-only. After all, Syndergaard can unleash a 98-mph fastball at a moment’s notice.