Coming soon to a screen near you: Tom Brady, Deflategate and Super Bowl LI. (Patrick Semansky/AP)

A little more than a week after Tom Brady won his fifth Super Bowl, there comes word that the New England Patriots quarterback is going to be the subject of a book and film.

Because of course he is.

The writers who were nominated for an Oscar for “The Fighter” and wrote the screenplay for “The Finest Hours” will team up with Casey Sherman, a co-author of “The Finest Hours,” for the project, Deadline Hollywood reports. They’ll be joined by Boston journalist Dave Wedge, with whom Sherman wrote “Boston Strong.” That book supplied material for the movie “Patriots Day,” which was about the Boston Marathon bombing. Tamasy and Johnson were executive producers on that movie and contributed to the screenplay.

Where do you start with Brady, though? With the 199th pick in the 2000 NFL draft? The injury to Drew Bledsoe? The awkward dancing at Carnival? There’s so much material that you have to wonder why this hasn’t been done before. According to Deadline Hollywood, though, the book and movie will deal with the historic rally and overtime win in Super Bowl LI, so it’s going to have a short run in Atlanta.

And … wait for it … Deflategate will be a big part of it, because, really, we all want to relive that again on a giant screen.

The story goes on to note that the writers “have cultivated several sources inside the Patriots locker room to provide a firsthand look at what went on behind the scenes,” which sounds like something that Coach Bill Belichick would really encourage in his players.

At any rate, this leaves us with soooo many questions. Who plays Brady? (Don’t say Mark Wahlberg.) More importantly, who plays arch-nemesis Roger Goodell? (Don’t say Luke Wilson. We like Paul Giamatti for the role because Paul Giamatti can play anything he darn well pleases and the choice might not thrill the commish, who might prefer that guy who plays Jaime Lannister on “Game of Thrones.”) Gisele can play herself and we haven’t a clue who should play Belichick.

Brady isn’t the only member of the Patriots who will get the silver screen treatment. “The Secondary” will feature the story of Malcolm Butler, who went from fast-food restaurant employee to hero of Super Bowl XLIX with his fourth-quarter goal-line interception.