Bonus points go to anyone who can actually say what a thimble does. (Hasbro Inc./Handout via Reuters)

Hasbro announced Thursday that it is removing the thimble game piece from Monopoly after it did not garner enough votes in a contest that will determine the eight tokens in an updated version of the board game. The thimble had been part of the game since its introduction in 1935 but apparently did not translate well to a modern era in which far fewer people sew their own clothes.

The Scottie dog, car, battleship, hat, boot, wheelbarrow and cat will remain in the game, Fortune says, with the remaining selection to be announced March 19. Among the possibilities: hashtag, penguin, rubber duck, TV, watch and an emoji of Mr. Monopoly. The new version will go on sale in August, according to CNBC.

In 2013, Hasbro ditched an iron in favor of the cat after a similar online vote.