Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, and recording artists Master P and Romeo Miller during the All-Star Celebrity Game Friday night in New Orleans. (Derick E. Hingle/USA TODAY Sports)

Friday night marked the start of the festivities for the NBA’s All-Star Weekend. As is usually the case, the celebrity game got things rolling, and if the idea of watching Nick Cannon, one of the kids from “Stranger Things” and the lead singer of the Arcade Fire ball out bores you, then perhaps direct your attention to the owner of the Dallas Mavericks.

That’s right, Mark Cuban is still out here doing Mark Cuban-type things. In this particular instance, that involved suiting up with the celebrities. Only Cuban didn’t just suit up, he may well have used the opportunity to take a jab at the president.

Cuban, playing for the West squad, wore jersey No. 46 and according to ESPN, that choice was made to represent the number of the next U.S. president after the current one, Donald Trump, directed some of his Twitter ire in the direction of the “Shark Tank” star. In the tweet, Trump said that Cuban is “not smart enough to run for president.”

ESPN got a more diplomatic response from Cuban before the game, when he said that he simply “couldn’t get 23. This is two times 23.” Afterward, he told the network he picked No. 46 “to tweak the s— out of everybody. It was just to f— with everybody, because that is what I do. You’ve got to have fun with it. You can’t take it too seriously. So we’ll see.”

Milwaukee Bucks owner Marc Lasry, who played on the East side, wasn’t so sure though, telling ESPN, “I think Mark did it [as], you know, it’s a statement.”

Cuban supported Hillary Clinton in November’s election, and that could be what prompted Trump to take his shot. Cuban hasn’t been shy about expressing opinions against Trump, both on Twitter and elsewhere. In fact, Cuban unleashed a bit of a tweet storm in Trump’s direction Friday morning, hours before donning that jersey.

Despite spending some well-documented time on Twitter Friday afternoon, Trump has yet to respond to Cuban’s thoughts or his celebrity game gear.