Glass-slapping is okay. The Wave is not. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

With just four postseason appearances over the past 15 seasons, 49 standings points this year (only the Colorado Avalanche are worse) and terrible attendance, the Arizona Coyotes aren’t exactly one of the NHL’s shining lights. So on those rare occasions when they do give their home fans something to cheer about — such as Monday night’s 3-2 upset of the Anaheim Ducks — their supporters go at it all wrong.

The Coyotes’ fans are not alone among their NHL brethren in trying to make the Wave a thing again. Apparently, it’s also been spotted in Calgary.

There are times when the Wave could be considered appropriate, like when hundreds of thousands of NASCAR fans attempt to break a Guinness world record at Bristol.

But hockey games probably are not the best place for it, even if the cheer possibly got its embryonic start nearly 40 years ago at Edmonton Oilers games. Stop doing the wave, hockey fans.

[H/t: SB Nation.]