Good news if you hate strawberries but fancy more crispy turnip cakes in your life.

Tom Brady has teamed up with vegan food suppliers Purple Carrot to launch a new meal delivery service “designed to help athletes and active individuals stay at their peak.” To do so, eaters will adhere to Brady’s very strict nutritional plan, and pay $78 per week, which yields a total of three meals for two.

“Eating meals like these is what has helped me stay at the top of my game,” Brady said in a statement on Purple Carrot’s website, which is accepting preorders.

Besides the crispy turnip cakes, which are served with a side of tabbouleh, Purple Carrot said subscribers to the service can also expect to see white lentil risotto with roasted veggies, ramen with gingered greens and broccolini, and more in the subscription service that will rotate out seasonal ingredients.

And lest you think this is just a gimmick, Purple Carrot CEO Andy Levitt said Brady himself is going to be eating all the meals, too.

“He’s going to be getting boxes of meals to his house just like the rest of us,” Levitt said on Tuesday. “He jokes with me that he wasn’t going to be doing the cooking, though.”

The meals don’t come precooked. That part is up to subscriber, who along with the box of pre-measured and sorted ingredients will also get a recipe card along with notes, sometimes written by Brady, who might drop a line about a favorite dish or ingredient now and again.

Brady also plans to keep his fans updated on his thoughts on the product on social media, where he announced the launch of the new partnership with Purple Carrot on Tuesday morning.

I am so excited to introduce our first TB12 Performance Meals that deliver right to your door! So many times people ask...

Posted by Tom Brady on Tuesday, March 7, 2017

While some of the dishes come “directly from plant-based meals Tom and his family have personally enjoyed,” according Purple Carrot’s website, others are simply “inspired” by Brady’s strict and sometimes odd “nutritional guidelines” as outlined in his $200 cookbook that sold out last year.

Among the obvious rules of Brady’s diet and, ergo, what you can expect to each week from Purple Carrot are no refined sugar, gluten or dairy. Brady’s diet also forbids mushrooms (for fear of “mycotoxins”) and advocates for a very limited consumption of nightshade fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes. (They’re inflammatory.)

While the Brady-branded meals are higher in protein than most other Purple Carrot products, they’re not just for athletes, according to the player who’ll turn 40 later this year.

“The TB12 Performance Meals are designed for anyone who’s looking to achieve or sustain their own peak performance,” Brady told CNBC in an email. “Whether that’s in the gym, on the field, or at work. We want to inspire everyone — not just athletes — to be their best, and I think these meals will be a big step in that direction.”

Purple Carrot’s CEO Levitt said the company is “very happy” with the response so far. While he declined to give specific numbers about orders, Levitt said there is a possibility the company will sell out despite having “expanded our capacity quite a bit to accommodate for this launch.”

“It’s a good problem to have,” Levitt added.