Don’t look now, but the next LeBron James is already here and he’s awfully hard to miss. His name is LeBron James Jr.

Bronny, as the 12-year-old is known to his parents, has a budding hoops game, as videos over the last three or so years have shown. He’s getting better and better at threading the ball to open teammates, shooting from long range and attacking the basket. In fact, his Pops put aside his drive to become the GOAT long enough to assess Junior’s game and praise his passing ability.

“It’s probably the best part of his game and I grew up playing basketball, playing AAU ball and watched a lot of kids kind of hog the ball,” James told reporters (via “Not pass the ball and things of that nature, and I was never one of those kids. I always liked seeing my teammates excited about getting the ball and making a shot, so to see him doing the same thing, it’s a pretty unique trait for a kid his age.”

Bronny shoots the ball better, his father said — not sounding at all threatened by the rising competition.

“He handles the ball exceptionally and he shoots it a lot better than I did at that age, but I’ve always had the ability to pass the ball. It’s good to see him doing it as well.”

Bronny’s latest highlight reel came over the weekend in Houston at John Lucas All-Star Weekend, a national two-day basketball tournament for kids in second to eighth grades. He wears 0 in honor of his favorite basketball player … Russell Westbrook.