After its plane slid off the runway during an aborted takeoff in Ypsilanti, Mich., on Wednesday, the Michigan men’s basketball team arrived safely in Washington for the Big Ten tournament on Thursday morning. The same can’t be said for the Wolverines’ game uniforms.

Michigan players sported practice jerseys and different colored shoes as they prepared for tipoff of their second-round game against ninth-seeded Illinois. The game was delayed 20 minutes until 12:20 p.m. because travel delays following Michigan’s arrival at Dulles Airport on Thursday morning prevented the eighth-seeded Wolverines from arriving at Verizon Center until 10:40 a.m. Michigan’s regular game uniforms are still inside the plane and in the custody of the National Transportation Safety Board, which will investigate Wednesday’s accident along with the Federal Aviation Administration.



Michigan’s plane aborted takeoff amid high winds at Willow Run Airport on Wednesday. The accident caused extensive damage to the plane, but the Wayne County Airport Authority reported that none of the 109 passengers and seven crew members suffered injuries. The team took a charter flight to Dulles on Thursday morning.

While Michigan’s uniforms didn’t make it to D.C., members of the Michigan band did after taking a commercial flight. The sparse crowd at Verizon Center for Thursday’s opening game stood and clapped as the band played “Hail to the Victors” during warmups.

Michigan basketball issued a statement after the accident.

John Feinstein contributed to this report.