Former president Barack Obama made his annual NCAA tournament picks Wednesday and, as in years past, he mostly stuck to the script. He picked No. 1 seed North Carolina to win it all against No. 2 seed Duke.

Obama’s Final Four also offered no surprises, with No. 2 seed Arizona falling to Duke and No. 1 seed Kansas falling to the Tar Heels. In fact, the lowest-seeded team Obama advances to the Sweet 16 is No. 7 seed Michigan, which he predicts will make it all the way to the Elite 8 before falling to Kansas.

Obama was almost equally as conservative when making his picks for the women’s tournament, with the exception of placing No. 3 seed Washington in the Final Four over No. 1 seed Baylor and No. 2 seed Mississippi State. In what’s likely a clerical error, Obama has Washington beating Notre Dame to get there, but Notre Dame is actually in a different bracket. (And actually, Obama picked the Fighting Irish to make it to the championship game against U-Conn., who he picked to win it all.)

Besides what appear to be clerical errors (both Arizona and the errant Notre Dame appear in the same spots in Obama’s men’s tournament bracket), Obama’s picks largely mirror what he’s done in the past. That is, he mostly picks the favorites, which isn’t a bad strategy. Had he stuck strictly to the plan last year in the men’s tournament, he might have avoided picking No. 4 seed Kentucky to go all the way. Kentucky ended up falling out in the Elite 8 to Indiana, while No. 1 seeds Villanova, whom Obama picked to lose to Kentucky, and North Carolina played for the championship. Villanova ended up winning, 77-74.

President Trump, meanwhile, decided not to fill out a bracket this year.