Khaki enthusiast and Michigan football Coach Jim Harbaugh made big news on Friday when he told ESPN’s Jeff Darlington he dumped his trusty $8 no-name pants for a $128 pair of Lululemon-brand slacks.

“I’ll never wear anything else,” Harbaugh declared of the pants.

Lululemon confirmed to The Washington Post on Friday that Harbaugh is not a paid spokesman, but they are delighted to learn he loves the brand.

“We’re pumped,” Karl Aaker, Lululemon’s men’s brand director, said in a statement.

Other features of the three-figure pants include a streamlined fit, designed to reduce bulk through the backside and upper thighs, as well as reflective detail in the inseam that shines when the pants are rolled up. (This might come in handy if, say, you’re a bike commuter at night.)

Harbaugh loves his new pants so much that he rarely takes them off. He told GQ this week, “You can go anywhere and be dressed appropriately: game day, or church, or out to dinner. The movies.”

He added, “I can work out in my khakis. And do.”

Harbaugh met his new two-legged love courtesy of Detroit television reporter Brad Galli, who gave Harbaugh, who makes more than $9 million a year, his first pair of Lululemon pants last fall.

Further forensic analysis shows, sure enough, Harbaugh was wearing his new pants on the sidelines during the latter half of the 2016 season.

Exhibit A:

Compare that to the pants he wore during the 2015 season and way back in 2013 when he was still coaching the San Francisco 49ers. There are some noted differences between then and now.

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Harbaugh’s pants evolution has ruffled some feathers around the Internet, which has a natural aversion to change. Deadspin’s Tom Ley declared on Friday: “I don’t think I can deal with Jim Harbaugh in slim-fit khakis,” for example.

But perhaps, as one Deadspin commenter put it, Harbaugh’s critics should “cut him some slacks.”

It’s not like he’s wearing jeans.