For the second time, soccer great Cristiano Ronaldo’s likeness has been cast in bronze on the island of Madeira in Portugal, where he spent his formative years. And for the second time, there are things we need to talk about.

In 2014, a 10-foot statue of Ronaldo was unveiled at his personal CR7 museum in Funchal, Madeira, his home town. Let’s just say that one aspect of the statue stood out.

Now a bust of the Real Madrid star has been installed at Madeira International Airport, which was officially renamed Aeroporto Cristiano Ronaldo on Wednesday. And, well, maybe it’s more of an abstract representation.

Naturally, there were jokes:

Despite the fact that the bust is a little off, Ronald seemed quite appreciative.

“Thank you for being here in my honor,” he said. “Seeing my name being given to this airport is something very special, everyone knows that I am proud of my country and especially my home city.”