It’s easy to imagine that DeShaun Watson is not the most popular person in Tuscaloosa, given his performances against Alabama. The latest evidence came Friday, in a video that showed the former Clemson quarterback being made to feel very unwelcome at a bar in the Crimson Tide’s home town.

The incident took place at an Irish pub not far from Bryant-Denny Stadium. Watson and the people he is with can be seen getting up and leaving, as an unseen woman says, “That’s rude,” and apologizes for the treatment they received.

According to SB Nation, a manager at the bar denied that Watson had been kicked out. The Twitter user who posted the video claimed that Alabama linebacker Ryan Anderson, who can be seen in a blue shirt and beard in the background, told Watson it was time to leave.

The Twitter user also said of Watson, “Everyone in the bar told him he was just unwelcome.”

It’s understandable why Watson would not be a welcome sight for many in Tuscaloosa, even if one might hope he’d get treated with a bit more courtesy. When last seen in a football game, the junior quarterback was leading Clemson to a last-minute win over Alabama for the national championship.

That counted as sweet revenge for Watson, whose Tigers lost to the Tide in the previous College Football Playoff title game. There will be no rubber match, though, at least not with Watson involved. He declared for the NFL draft.

Watson is expected to go in the first round, although analysts’ predictions have him being selected anywhere from No. 1 overall to much later and after another quarterback or two. Anderson just finished his senior season and is also expected to go relatively high in the draft, so there could be some awkwardness if they wind up on the same NFL team.