It’s been well established that April Fools’ Day is bad and should be scorned, but one has to give SoccerCity SD — the organization that is trying to bring a Major League Soccer franchise to San Diego — a certain amount of credit for keeping this whole Footy McFooty Face thing going.

To recap: After asking fans to submit possible team names, no matter how silly they were, SoccerCity SD picked 20 of them and had an online vote to see which one was most popular. Footy McFooty Face won in a landslide, beating the San Diego Surf by more than 6,000 votes. The group went as far as selling T-shirts with the jokey logo on it, with the proceeds going to charity.

On Saturday, the group released a video in which lead investor Nick Stone and U.S. soccer legend Landon Donovan reminded everyone that the team is not actually going to be called Footy McFooty Face.

Stone used the video to stoke a not-yet-existent rivalry with the two MLS teams stationed up the road in Los Angeles.

“Turns out, fans in LA, they found our poll and trolled us and voted thousands and thousands of times for Footy,” he says in the video, which ends with an animated Footy taking the two LA team logos, scrunching them up in a ball and then heading it off-screen.

MLS is expected to make a decision on the San Diego expansion franchise — whatever it’ll be called — later this year.