Fans of Cristiano Ronaldo think that Trump Tower is not a fitting residence for the Real Madrid star and are urging him to sell the apartment he bought there in 2015.

Nearly 7,400 fans have signed the Care 2 petition as of 11:30 a.m. EDT Monday, urging him to divest himself of the digs in the Manhattan building in which President Trump has his home. Ronaldo bought the place in 2015, paying $18.5 million in a purchase from Italian real estate entrepreneur Alessandro Proto for the apartment that is rumored to have helped inspire “50 Shades of Grey.” The petition, posted by a user named Joellen Catherine, states:

As a lover of all things sports and believer in basic human rights, I was incredibly disappointed to learn Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo has shelled out $18.5 million for an apartment in Trump Tower in New York City. Not only that, he is considering buying yet ANOTHER pad in the same building for a whopping $23 million.
Just months into his presidency, Trump has trampled all over our human rights and has plans to do worse. He implemented a Muslim travel ban, killed protections for transgender students, rolled back the Clean Power Plan, and is ramping up efforts to build an inhumane border wall.
Trump’s administration is the epitome of cronyism and human rights abuses, and high-profile celebrities like Ronaldo have a duty to take a stand against Trump’s fascist policies and ideas by refusing to do business with him.
Please sign this petition to ask Ronaldo to move out of Trump Tower!

The pad, a 2,509-square-foot unit that features views of Central Park, is extremely posh, even if it doesn’t feature Grey’s “Red Room of Pain.”

It will be interesting to see if the petition keeps Ronaldo from moving on up to another deluxe apartment in the sky. TMZ reported in February that he was eyeing a $23 million, 63rd-floor apartment once occupied by the president’s parents.