High school physics are a distant memory for me, but something appeared amiss Thursday when the baseball stuck like glue to the chest protector of St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina after it bounced off the ground.

The Internet was quick to produce a longer video of the incident that occurred with Brett Cecil on the mound in the seventh inning of a game against the Chicago Cubs, and to many onlookers it sure did look like an adhesive was involved.

The ball isn’t wedged in the vest, but on a flat part and when the umpire finally peels it off, some of the ball’s surface appears to remain on the vest.

“Does he have some pine tar on his chest protector? Are we playing with Velcro?” one of the game announcers said on the broadcast. “There’s either something on his chest protector or something on that baseball.”

Fans on social media came to similar conclusions.

With accusations of cheating now flying around (the use of pine tar is illegal under MLB rules), the incident came to bite the Cardinals back when the Cubs rallied from a 4-2 deficit to win the game, 6-4, thanks to four runs in the inning.

With the ball defiantly stuck to Molina, the Cubs’ Matt Szczur, who would’ve struck out swinging, was able to reach first base. (The sticky pitch was scored as wild.) Szczur would find his way to second when Cecil walked Jon Jay, and then both scored when Kyle Schwarber hit a home run.

Cecil was later relieved by Miguel Socolovich, who ended up allowing one more run when Addison Russell’s ground out allowed Kris Bryant to head home.