Dennis Rodman (91) reacts after getting a technical foul in a 1996 playoff game against Charles Oakley (34) and the Knicks. (Ron Frehm/Associated Press)

Twitter users were grabbing their popcorn Thursday when a spat broke out between Charles Oakley and Dennis Rodman. Oakley took issue with comments Rodman had made about LeBron James, and “The Worm” responded with a jab of his own.

Rodman had recently castigated James for sitting out games, saying that the Cavaliers’ star was nowhere near as “tough” as Michael Jordan. “The league needs, and that’s why he’s doing all this crazy s— now, like b—-ing and complaining and all this [crap],” Rodman said.

That produced an irritated tweet from Oakley, who said that Rodman was hardly a “tough guy” in his own right. Oakley, a Cleveland native who has a friendship with James, described the latter as “smart” before calling Rodman “Miss wedding dress.”

Oakley was referring to a mid-90s incident in which Rodman appeared in a wedding dress, after saying that he was bisexual and wanted to marry himself. It was a publicity stunt for his then-recently published autobiography, “Bad As I Wanna Be,” but it also took a lot of nerve, particularly for an NBA player at that time, so one could easily argue that Oakley was way off-base for using that as an example of his antagonist’s supposed lack of toughness.

In any event, Rodman, who battled for plenty of rebounds with Oakley in their nearly concurrent NBA careers (they were also both teammates of Jordan, at different points), wasn’t going to take the slight lying down. He replied to Oakley’s tweet with one that was initially complimentary of both James and the longtime Knicks forward.

Then came the poke: “Maybe we should catch up for a Knicks game,” Rodman said.

That, of course, was a reference to the fact that Oakley was indefinitely banned from the Garden by Knicks owner James Dolan in February, following an incident in which the burly ex-player was forcibly ejected from a game at the arena for allegedly yelling at Dolan. That ban was quickly lifted, but despite peacemaking efforts by Jordan and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, Oakley has made it clear that he still holds a major grudge against Dolan.

It’s also more than apparent that Oakley is not the biggest fan of Rodman, who joins a list of playing-days nemeses that already includes Charles Barkley. If any more mean tweets break out, this post will be only too happy to put down the popcorn and add them, but in the meantime, here’s footage of Oakley and Rodman exchanging pleasantries during a previous trip the Garden for a Knicks (and Bulls) game.