Tom Brady recently teamed up with a vegan food company to launch a new meal delivery service. No, that does not explain why the Patriots quarterback spent Wednesday afternoon hand-feeding glass to David Blaine.

There is a simple explanation, though, which is that Blaine is very happy to eat glass. In an Instagram post, Brady described the magician as a “trained professional” and warned his followers not to “do this at home,” although the feeding appeared to take place in his own residence.

Hey, maybe Blaine just didn’t want to appear rude, as a guest offered something to eat in another person’s home. In any event, he earned the “GOAT” label from Brady, high praise indeed, considering that many consider the New England star to be the greatest of all time in his chosen profession.

Also on hand, although likely relieved not see Brady’s hand heading toward their mouths, were his wife, supermodel Gisele Bündchen, and Luciano Huck, a Brazilian TV host. For the 44-year-old Blaine, glass-eating is just part of his well-paid, celebrity-filled life.

In 2014, Blaine posted a photo to Instagram showing a note from his dentist that the magician needed crowns for his teeth “because he chews glass.”  Meanwhile, Brady arguably produced his greatest trick in February, when he had tens of millions of TV viewers falling for the illusion that being down 28-3 in the Super Bowl was going to be a problem.