Tuesday was April 11, which meant it was National Pet Day, when people are encouraged to adopt a furry friend, or at least show one (or more) some love. As fate would have it, the Marlins had a game Tuesday interrupted by a four-legged visitor, one that Miami fans were quick to adopt as the team’s #RallyCat.

Between the fifth and sixth innings of a home game against the Braves, the cat ran onto the field and made its way to the base of the outfield wall. When Giancarlo Stanton and a stadium employee approached, it ran along the wall and then began to scale some wire fencing over a video screen.

Talk about warning-track meow-er! (Yes, I’m feline, ahem, pretty pleased with that one.)

From there, the cat made it over the wall and settled into the team’s huge home run sculpture. Given that the sculpture has many moving parts that spring into action when a Marlin goes deep, the team announced that, to help preserve all nine of the cat’s lives, they would temporarily deactivate the colorful center field fixture.

Fortunately for the cat — or was it cleverly deliberate? — it had just missed a Marlins home run in the bottom of the fifth, the second of the game for outfielder Marcell Ozuna. Meanwhile, the unexpected guest inspired Miami to take a poll on what to name it. Gotta be “Don Cattingly,” right?

All this excitement occurred during the Marlins’ home opener, in which the team honored its 1997 World Series squad, with Livan Hernandez, Edgar Renteria and Charles Johnson throwing out ceremonial first pitches. However, the Miami Herald’s Clark Spencer was reminded of a local team that had accomplished great things one year earlier.

No official word yet on whether the cat was retrieved safely from the sculpture, but assuming so, here’s hoping it quickly finds a good home, or is returned to its home. It wasn’t the first time a cat got the attention of a bunch of Fish, but there usually aren’t thousands of people watching.